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Shiftwave Chair

The Shiftwave is an electro mechanical, biological activation of the nervous system which instigates calm relaxation and overall physical and mental health. It can provide improvement and significant neurobiological measurements such as heart rate variability, increased immunity health and sleep quality.  The Shiftwave can be beneficial to those who are challenged with anxiety, depression, focus, PTSD, and HRV as well as those who are interested in overall vibrant longevity.

We book over 750 sessions a year, check out what our patients have to say. 

We are also a certified Shiftwave Chair Dealer, and if you would be interested in purchasing one for your home or office simply fill out the form.

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“I'm certain that I experienced something close to an awakening experience on the last day using the biofeedback mode. As a student of emergent phenomena, a spiritual practitioner, a researcher, and a human being this is the most fascinating and promising technology I've ever come across.

- Daniel

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